For Crying Out Loud

Read: Psalms 5: 1-12
For Crying Out Loud


Ps 5:2 (NLT) Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, for I will never pray to anyone but you.


1.    One key to having a close relationship with God, according to David, is to pray earnestly every morning.  In the morning, we’re more rested and our minds are more receptive to God.

2.    David was king right after the Era of Judges. In the book of Judges, as in our lives too, there was a repeating vicious cycle. Sin, always followed by suffering, and then slavery. The Israelites then cried out to God (Supplication), where God delivered (Salvation) them. This lasted a while, before the cycle repeated itself.


Walking through the grocery yesterday, I heard a child crying an aisle over.  It was an angry cry.  A while later, I heard another child crying from around the corner.  However, this time it was a tired cry.  I’m not a psychic or a medium, or even a large.  Just a dad who once had little children cry out to him too.  It would seem, I had retained these acquired important dad skills.  No matter how old my children get, when they cry, I cry. When they are sad, I’m sad.  How much greater is our Father when we cry out to Him too.

Although my children are on their own now, they know I am a phone call/text away, 24/7.  They don’t want me to solve their problems anymore, as it should be. They just need someone who loves them unconditionally, to listen.  I know what they are going though, and they know this. They also know there is nothing which could separate my love from them. How much greater is our Father’s love, and always a prayer away, 24/7.

Unlike our perfect Father, I do not always know when it is necessary to step in, or quietly listen. God always knows what to say, what to do, who to send, and always at the perfect time.  No matter how much we learn or grow, He will hear our cries.  Just like He heard His Son’s on that cross for us.  He understands everything, even our pain and loss. God just wants a personal relationship with us; for crying out loud.


Loving Father. Help me to understand Your word.  Help me to start every day on my knees, knowing that You are at my side. Stop this vicious cycle of sin in me.  Use me to help those who cry out to You. Do whatever You want with me.  In Your name I pray, Amen.
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