Turning Over the Reins

jesus at the helmRead: Mark 10:46-52


Mark 10: 51 (NLT) “What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked. “Teacher”, the blind man said, “I want to see!”


1.    We can criticize, martyrize, modernize, and even justify through the theories of evolution and big bang, to provide excuses to remain blind to God.  Remaining secure in our self-absorbed ignorance, and never seeing the need to cry out for the “Son of David”.

2.    The blind beggar was not discouraged when others tried to quiet him.

3.    The blind beggar was determined to “see” the “Son of David”.

4.    “Son of David” was a popular way of addressing Jesus (Messiah), as prophesied in Isaiah 9:7.

5.    The blind beggar told Jesus what he wanted, and was healed.


It wasn’t until I was an adult, that I met my first homeless person.   I was in Philadelphia walking back to my hotel, when I saw a man lying on the curb.   He had no pride left, no shame.  He was hungry and cold.  He asked me for a couple of dollars; I gave him a five.   I recall thinking as I was walked away, “I’m no longer in small town USA.”  Today, I wonder how much I am like that beggar when it comes to seeking God’s face.  How hungry am I?   How much do I want to feast on His word?  How much prayer time do I want with Him?

A pastor was counseling an alcoholic.  The alcoholic, like the beggar, had reached a point of complete brokenness in his life.   The alcoholic hated himself and his out of control life.  He told the pastor that no matter how hard he tried, he could not stop his addition.  The pastor said to the man, “Imagine yourself driving a team of out of control wild horses, and it is impossible for you to stop them.  The only man who can stop them, is sitting right next to you.  What will you do?”   The alcoholic answered, “I turn over the reins to him, of course.”

I too, had to be broken and lose my pride before turning over the reins to God, who was sitting next to me all along.


Loving Father. I am hungry for You.  I want to see You.  Yahweh, Yahweh, I love to shout Your name oh LORD.  Many people are blind to You and still refuse to cry out.  LORD, lead me to those whom I need, and those who need You in me.  Change me with Your word.  Do whatever You want with me.  In Your name I pray, Amen.
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