Already Won

First place
Read: Mark 10:17-45



Mark 10: 43 (NLT) But among you it should be quiet different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant.


1.    (17-22) Jesus informed the young rich man that only God was good, and nothing of this world could ever compare to knowing and following Him.

2.    (27) It is humanly impossible to earn eternal life. It is only possible through knowing God.

3.    (35-40) James and John ask for positions of honor, once Jesus conquered the world and established His kingdom. Jesus knew they asked out of ignorance and selfish ambition.

4.    (41-45) Jesus told His disciples, that there was a different standard for those who followed Him and those who followed the world.


Love your enemy, surrender everything to gain everything, can’t earn heaven, and now must be last to be first? Jesus must seem crazy to nonbelievers.  I know I shouldn’t get frustrated when nonbelievers mock and attack Christians.  They attack because they don’t understand Christ, and hence no miens of understanding Christians.  It seems to be human nature to attack, hate, and hurt those who are different from the world.

Recently my best friend was attacked in mass emails, was called names, slandered, and hurt by a woman who was raised in the Church.  Perhaps she didn’t recognize Christ in my friend.  How could this woman, raised in the Church surrounded by Christians, not recognize one of God’s followers? This was crazy. Then I remembered Jesus’ parable of The Growing Seed in Mark 4:26-29. Weeds will grow and live among the wheat, likewise nonbelievers will grow and live among believers.  Being their nature, weeds will try to choke out the wheat.  My friend forgave and prayed for her attacker.  Her attack really wasn’t personal, since she didn’t understand my friend.  Perhaps, the woman was frustrated because she couldn’t be in charge. Based on her actions, it seems that she forgot why the Son of God came to earth.

What Jesus was saying to James and John was it’s never about us.  I know that I accepted Christ as my LORD and Savior, surrendered all so that I could follow Him, and must focus on my study of His word daily.  I know the futility of being first, because I am already first with Him.  I know that being one with the Son, I have already won with the Son.


Loving Father, forgive me for my pride and when I put myself before others.  Change me with Your word. Do whatever You want with me.  In Your name I pray, Amen.
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