True Cub Fan

CubsRead: Isaiah 55:1-13


Isaiah 55: 9 (NLT) For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.


1.    Isaiah, considered the greatest Old Testament prophet whose ministry spanned the reigns of five kings of Judah, recited an invitation to the LORD’s salvation through focusing on things that give us life, to seek the LORD while we can, that His thoughts and ways are greater than ours, and He will provide what we need for growth and joy. He equated crop growth to His Word, which will prosper wherever it is placed, giving honor to His name.

2.    Give up trying to understand His ways and thoughts. We are to trust God in all times, especially when we don’t understand.

3.    Without faith, we have only our understanding, our standards, and Gen. 3:5 will be our “truth”.


My dad was a true Cub fan. Growing up, my dad followed the Cubs through thick or thin. He would follow them on TV, radio, and in the newspaper. When the Cubs came close to winning their division, we saw more people in the stands claiming to Cub fans. Then when they lost, which was every time, the “fans” would desert the Cubs. However, win or lose my dad never deserted “his Cubs.”

Isn’t this true of many of us Christians? When winning, we thank God as we receive our awards, and then fall apart when life gets tough again. Like “Groupies”, many get excited about success, but lack the understanding and depth of character which is bought by enduring the hard knocks of life. I too have limited my life by what I understood. If only I had the faith God intended, then imagine what could have been accomplished.

Like Peter who jumped out of the boat while the rest of the disciples sat on their hands. He did not stop to analyze the required surface tension of the water, or the forces generated by buoyancy. He got off his butt, jumped out of the boat, trusted Christ, and walked on water in faith like a true fan.


All-knowing loving Father. You are the alpha and omega. You created the stars in less than fifteen words, according to my bible. Forgive me when I rely on my understanding instead of trusting You. Help me to be Your disciple, follow You, and walk on water. I don’t ask for a sign or a feeling to know that You my LORD and Savior. Do with me what You want. In Your name I pray. Amen.
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One Response to True Cub Fan

  1. Rick Borgman says:

    I do like being a God fan. The Cubbies may never win a pennant, but God’s flags will continue to fly high. Thanks for sharing, I agree, “Do with me as you will, Lord.”

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