Who Sent the Birds?

counterfeit dollarRead: Matthew 6: 25-34, 13:1-31
Bird on hand


Matthew 13: 28 (NLT) “An enemy has done it!” the farmer exclaimed. “Shall we pull out the weeds?” they asked.


1.    Mat 13: 1-31, Jesus teaches about the Kingdom of Heaven through pairs of parables which deal with a Farmer (Jesus) planting seed (His message/us), weeds which the enemy (Satan) plants among the wheat (His harvest, us) while “they” (believers) sleep, and birds (Satan) will eat the seed before it takes root and take shelter in the mustard plant (His Kingdom).

2.    Jesus states that non-believers and believers will live side by side, by His permission, we are not to pull the weeds out from among us as we would like, and only He will separate the two by bringing His harvest to the barn and burning the weeds.

3.    Mat 6: 25-34, Jesus advises us not to worry and identifies birds, sheltered by His Kingdom like the mustard plant, do not plant, reap, or bring anything to the barn (eternal life with Him).


While waiting for my change from the cashier, I noticed a machine used to identify counterfeit bills. Counterfeit bills imitate real bills and it takes an expert to identify them. Bills are either real or counterfeit. There is no such thing as a “partially counterfeited bill”, much like there is no such thing as a “partial real Christian”. We have either accepted Christ or we haven’t, there is no in between.

Married to the daughter of a pastor, I learned firsthand how some people from my father-in- law’s former congregations had conducted themselves. There are weeds and birds worshiping alongside believers in churches. Wasn’t that what Jesus was talking about in these scriptures? We are His creation, will be taken to His barn, and only Jesus, the expert, will be able to identify His own from counterfeit. I am not to worry about pulling any weeds out from around me, or even the birds of the air.

As I paid my bill to the cashier, I pulled out a bill which was torn and clearly tattered by time. Still that bill had more value than any crisp counterfeit bill. Why should I worry about how torn or tattered I am? I am His creation, no counterfeit, and of great value to Him. Just as God sent His Son for you and me, Satan sent birds and weeds. It’s our choice.


Loving Father. Help me to study and understand Your Word daily. Forgive me when I worry about the weeds and birds. I am Yours forever. In Your name I pray. Amen.
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