Any Questions?

(S: Scripture) Jeremiah 1:1-19 Calvin and hobbs and green knees
Jeremiah 1: 6 (NLT) “O Sovereign LORD,” I said, “I can’t speak for you! I’m too young!”

(O: Observations)

  1. Jeremiah “pulled a Moses”. Exod. 4:10, “But Moses pleaded with the LORD, O LORD, I’m just not a …”
  2. God ordered Jeremiah:
    • Not to put himself down,
    • To go wherever He said,
    • To say whatever He said,
    • Don’t be afraid, that He will be with him,
    • End of discussion. (“I, the LORD, have spoken”)
  3. God told Jeremiah:
    • Get up and get dressed,
    • Go wherever He tells him,
    • Don’t be afraid, that He made him immune to their attacks,
    • End of discussion. (“I, the LORD, have spoken”)
  4. God did not insulate him from being ignored, jailed, deported, insulted, and persecuted for 40 years. He remained obedient to God and stood alone, and witnessed apathy and people returning to idolatry.
  5. God knew Jeremiah’s capacity for endurance and obedience, which is why He choose him.

(A: Application)Billy Crystal: City Slickers
While reading about the “Weeping Prophet” Jeremiah’s endurance through what seemed to be 40 years of failure, I recalled a speech Mitch Robins made to his son’s class in the movie City Slickers. Billy Crystal’s character, trying to understand his “midlife”, lacked success and inspiration at work. Trying to understand Jeremiah’s life, I can imagine myself making the same speech. Imagine doing what God called you to do, only to be oppressed at every turn.

I recall a time in my life where I found myself asking that honest and self-reflective question, “Is this all that I am God?” Then in the stillness of that moment, God answered, “I’m not done yet.” God didn’t call me to be successful, He called me to be obedient and to endure. He called me to share the message He placed in me. Through the pain came endurance and a memory of His constant presence and grace.

When I thought I was alone, He was there. When I hated myself, He was there. When I lost hope and wanted to die, He was there. When I lost myself, He found me because… He was always there. When frustrated and feeling useless at work, He whispered to me, “You work for Me…any questions?”

(P: Prayer)
Loving Father. Your grace and love is sufficient. Forgive me when I am unsatisfied in my work and finances. It is because I forget I work for You. Command me to go wherever You want and to say whatever You want. Do with me what You want, I am Yours. In Your name I pray. Amen.

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