The Funeral

(S: Scripture)
Read: Luke 16: 19-31He has risen
Luke 16: 30 (NLT) “The rich man replied, ‘No, Father Abraham! But if someone is sent to them from the dead, then they will turn from their sins.’

(O: Observations)

  1. This was not a parable. If it were, it would be the only time Jesus mentioned a person’s name.
  2. Hell is real, if not then Satan was right in Gen. 3:4-5, we “won’t die” and we “will become just like God”.
  3. Jesus contrasted two men, their lives, deaths, and their eternal lives.
  4. Pharisees considered wealth as proof of their righteousness.
  5. There is a “great chasm” which separates the dead in Christ from the saved.
  6. In hell, the man retained his memory. Verse 25 Abraham said “remember” your lifetime. Verse 27 the man remembered his brothers, but now too late to help them.
  7. The rich man will never leave hell. Each time he stepped over Lazarus, he intentionally ignored Moses, the prophets, and his own conscience. Yet he was the one to receive a funeral.

(A: Application)
There was a story of a man who went to a funeral to ask the man’s widow if he were mentioned in the will. The widow asked the man if he worked with her late husband or visited him in the hospital. The man said no, but that he had worked hard and donated to the sick. She asked if he had worked with her husband with the homeless. Again the man answered no. She finally asked if he ever met her husband. Once again, his replied no. Then why, she asked, should he be considered to receive any inheritance. The man puzzled by her question responded, because I have always been a good person.

Being a good person without accepting Christ and expecting heaven makes as much sense as the man in hell expecting a second chance. To get to hell, we too will have to step over Lazarus daily, intentionally ignore God’s unconditional love, and turn down His gift of salvation. We too will have to daily step over His Word, our consciences, prayers from others, needs of others, Calvary, and His loving hand which has never left our side. God sent Himself to die for us, He returned from dead, and still many have not turned from their sins. How awful would it be to hear at our funeral, “We never knew he was a Christian.”

(P: Prayer)
Loving Father. Help me not to step over Your Word, Your children, or any Lazarus at my door. Help me to always share Your love. In Your name I pray. Amen.


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One Response to The Funeral

  1. Rick Borgman says:

    Thanks for the straight shooting. It’s not the message most want to hear, but it is the truth.

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