The Cut-off Man

(Scripture) Acts 10: 1-48Are you in the ready position
Acts 10: 17 (NLT) Peter was very perplexed. What could the vision mean? Just then the men sent by Cornelius found the house and stood outside the gate.


  • Cornelius feared (obeyed) God, gave generously, prayed regularly, and told by an Angle to bring Peter to Caesarea.
  • The people at Caesarea Philippi were influenced by Greek and Roman culture and pagan temples and idols were everywhere.
  • When Cornelius’s men reached Peter, Peter was trying to figure out God’s message.
  • God told Peter it was okay to go against Jewish law; like a Jew to go into a Gentile’s home.
  • God choreographed the two men to relay His message to those who needed it.
  • God prepared His messenger(s) and those who received His message.
  • Peter provided the people in Caesarea a brief and powerful sermon about the Good News of Christ. They accepted God publicly and decided to be baptized.

Like Peter here, there have been times when God’s message has been unclear to me. I worried about making the wrong move. Then in a sermon or from “somewhere out in left field”, God’s message would come to me, making it clear what I needed to do next.

Ready positionMany years ago I coached high school baseball. I quickly learned that being able to play the game and knowing its fundamentals, was quite different from coaching it. All players needed to know where to throw the ball before it was hit. When everyone worked in harmony, it was like a beautifully choreographed dance.

Our principal problem, was our outfielders using the cut-off man to get the ball home. When the ball was hit deep into the outfield, the cut-off man, the infielder, was to position himself to receive and quickly relay the ball to the appropriate base. All players needed to be in the right position and willing to relay the ball quickly.

God prepares all His messengers to pass along His message. Like the outfielder who works in harmony with his cut-off man to get the ball home, God prepared Cornelius and Peter to work together to send His message home to those who needed it most.

Loving Father.  You set the universe in motion, so I trust You to do the same to me. LORD get me into the right position to relay Your message. Here I am LORD, Your servant is listening. Command me to come to You even on the water. Do with me what You want. In Your name I pray. Amen.

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