Imagine That

(Scripture)Psalm 69: 1-18
Psalm 69: 6 (NLT) Don’t let those who trust in you stumble because of me, O Sovereign LORD Almighty. Don’t let me cause them to be humiliated, O God of Israel.img_0451.jpg

1. David was crying out to God to answer his prayers, to keep him from sinking deeper in despair, and to rescue him from those who hate him. He prayed that “this is the time” God will show him favor.
2. David was clearly in distress and exhausted, so much that his throat was parched and eyes swollen from crying.
3. Through all of this he prayed, “But I keep right on praying to You, LORD”.
Through all of this he prays that others will not be discouraged or turn from God because of him.

Imagine crying so much that your throat was dry and eyes were so swollen that you couldn’t hardly see. Imagine your closest friends, which you call brothers, had turned their backs on you and openly despised you.  Imagine there was no foothold or anything to reach for while you’re in your deepest, helpless, and inconsolable despair.  Imagine exhausted and at the end of hope, you still pray that those who believed in God would not stumble because of you. Imagine not turning away from God when He seemed to have turned from you.  Our God, Creator of everything, is still in control and still loves you and shares your pain, tears, fears, and understands your hopes, and despair.  Imagine that.

Loving Father, Creator of everything, and Sovereign LORD Almighty. Please forgive me when I complain. Please forgive me when I think I am so important that life is unfair to me. LORD I pray in Your Holy name that You please help Paul, Steven, James, all those who have lost their jobs, who are ill or dying, who lost a spouse after decades of marriage, who lost a child, who have been abandoned, who are addicted to drugs, who have been abused in such ways I can’t imagine, who have lost hope and sight of You, and those who are considering suicide right now. LORD send someone or something, to let them know that You still love them, that You know and share their pain, and that You are still in control. Command me…choose me…lead me to those who need You most. In Your name I pray. Amen.


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