Will the Real Jackass Speak Up?

(Scripture) Numbers 22: 21- 38Jackass
Numbers 22:28 (NLT) Then the LORD caused the donkey to speak. “What have I done that deserves your beating me these three times?” it asked Balaam.


  • Balaam acknowledged that the LORD was powerful, but did not believe He was the only God. He was a famous Sorcerer who became rich for his curses, blessings, and predictions.
  • King Balak hired Balaam to come and curse Israel.
  • After an angel blocked their path three times on their way to Balak, God caused Balaam’s donkey to speak to him. Then the angel appeared to Balaam and convinced him to obey the one and only true God.
  • Throughout the bible, God has clearly demonstrated His ability to get people’s attention and make His message heard. (i.e. Balaam’s “Mr. Ed” and Moses’ fiery shrub, Exo 3:2)
  • The only speaking animal before this was a snake in a garden.

My study of Balaam was interrupted by my need to go to the grocery. As I jumped into my truck, “my donkey”, I heard on the radio, “How do you know your psychic is real?” The ad proceeded to instruct how to contact a psychic and guaranteed money back if not satisfied. My mind flashed to when I saw a “pet psychic” on TV. Imagine someone making money by “sensing” what a cat thinks of their kitty litter.

Ironically, I do believe “psychics” can see and talk to ghosts and predict the future; or at least can fool many people. Who would have a motive to empower psychics? Who has a vested interest in causing people to deny the existence of heaven and God? Why seek God when you have a “real psychic” as close as your phone? No thank you, I’ll take an X-Large God, not the medium.

Regretfully, I have asked God for supernatural signs before. I have even randomly opened my bible and asked Him to speak to me. As I mature a Christian, study His word more, and pray, I have grown past my desire for a feeling or a sign to direct me. When the Author of all things wants my attention and to say something to me, I’ll get it loud and clear. I don’t want a jackass to try to tell me different.

Loving Father. I want to strengthen my relationship with You. I don’t ask for a sign or a feeling. LORD, remove the obstacles that have prevented psychics from seeing You. Help them to understand that You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. In Your name I pray. Amen.

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