Ignorance, Kiddy Pool Lifeguards, Angler, and Farmers

Kiddy pool lifeguard
Mark 4: 14(NLT) The farmer I talked about is the one who brings God’s message to others.

1. God’s message is to be cast out everyone without discrimination.
2. God knows His message will be:
– Taken away by Satan without any chance of growth. (Seeds on the path)

– Lost on those who will quit when things get tough. (Seed on rocky/shallow soil)
– Concealed by things that, “look so fresh and delicious, and would make her wise.” (Gn. 3:6) (Seeds on thorny soil)
– Cherished, studied, grown, and spread to others by believers. (Seed on good soil)
3. Jesus used this parable of the sower to help believers, “farmers”, understand:
– That their responsibility is to just spread His message.
– That it is not their fault when, not if, His message is not received or grown.

On TV, I saw a child who swore, out of ignorance, an alliance to kill all Christians and Jews. Raised by followers of a god whose love is based on how much they pray each day. They behead those who carry God’s message. The message God has provided, was burned to fuel their contempt toward Christ.

Imagine a lifeguard who wants to help others, provided he never has to jump into water that is over his head. When things get tough, he packs up, turns his back on God’s message, and tries the next “thing” that requires his depth of commitment. These “kiddy pool lifeguards” have placed God into cubbyhole which they could understand. They follow God on their terms, take no chances, won’t trust God, and won’t experience the joy God offers. I know, I have the tank top too.

Fish will eat anything that looks good or is shiny, only to discover it has a hook. I can’t be too critical of fish, I too have been distracted by things that were more alluring to my selfish nature. Satan is like angler. An angler uses specialized equipment and practiced techniques that are designed to bring him a large trophy, a child of the Living God.

Then there is when God’s message grows in us beyond our wildest imaginations. The more I study His message, the more I want to learn, and the more I want to farm out His message. God has provided me joy in the storm and on the shore. He is the Truth, the way, and the life.

Loving Father. I want to be Your fisherman and Your farmer. Help me to grown on Your vine, study and understand Your message, and then pass it on to Your world. In your name I pray. Amen.

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