You had me at…

completed-stamp-clip-art-658Colossians 2: 6-12

Colossians 2:10 (NLT) and you are complete through your union with Christ. He is the LORD over every ruler and authority in the universe.


  1. Paul used roots to clarify how we are to grow into God. Roots serve as an anchor and a means to receive what we need to grow strong in faith.
  2. He encouraged them to “let” their lives overflow with thanksgiving, “let” their roots grow, and don’t “let” anyone lead them astray.
  3. Paul warns of empty senseless philosophies that sound good, which are derived from human thinking and evil powers. This happens to those who don’t choose Him to complete them.
  4. Paul affirmed Christ’s divinity; in Christ the fullness of God lives in a human body. As believers we are now complete through our union with Christ. Without any empty space now, we no longer need to seek human philosophies to fill them.

The movie “Jerry McGuire” came to mind after I read this scripture. In the movie, Jerry had just experienced the greatest breakthrough in his career. Yet he realized he was still empty and not complete. He then realized that all his philosophies could not fill the void in his life. He learned that only the love of a woman could. Upon the completion of his heart felt speech, Jerry learned that all she wanted was for him to need her.

There is an incredible emptiness which occurs when the person who “completed us” here on earth, is no longer there. To let them go when everything in us wants to hang on. To say I’ll see you in a little while and know the God who truly completed them, called them home. Jesus said in Luke 20:34 that marriage was for us here on earth.

I find it interesting how easy it is to understand the storyline of this movie, and yet struggle to understand that my greatest fulfillment can only come from Christ. When I ran to Jesus when I realized I was incomplete, what might have Jesus said to me? “You had me at I need you.” He might have just said, “You always had me by your side.” Perhaps, what I would have said to Him might have been, “You had me at the cross.” What would you say? God you had me at….

Loving Father. You complete me. Please bless those who lost their partners. Help us to understand that only you can truly complete us. Thank you for my partner and the knowledge that I’ll see you in a little while. Amen.

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