I’m scared, let me see more.

Read: Exodus 33:1-23
Ex 33:18 (NLT) Then Moses had one more request. “Please let me see your glorious presence,” he said.

God showed Moses His presence: God spoke to Moses from a bush, gave him a staff      which turned into a snake, removed leprosy from his hand, and then there were all the      plagues. God provided His presence in a pillar of cloud and spoke to him directly.

From hundreds of sheep now to millions of people depending on him, Moses asked God to go with them personally. God agreed.

God showed himself through His character of unfailing love and faithfulness. Was Moses asking for more?

On a trip to zoo with my family, I exercised my three year old freedom of choice, when their backs were turned, and jumped on the train. It was exciting as the train took me to different parts of the zoo. As I saw people get on and off the train, I started to cry when I realized my parents weren’t with me. I was all alone in a sea of knees. A kind man picked me up and took me to a booth where he used a phone. He assured me that my parents were on their way and offered me ice cream. Once I saw my mom, all was fine. It was her presence in a very scary situation which calmed me.

Was Moses asking to see God’s presence to calm him, or was it a lack of faith? God gave him a tremendous commission, which he promptly provided every excuse he could. He had a carefree comfortable life in a pasture until God spoke to him from a very unusual piece of shrubbery. He had to return to the place where he once fled for his life. Now, he had to lead millions of people through the wilderness to the Promised Land. Moses was scared, so he asked for God’s presence. God proved His presence in abundance.

As I desperately struggle not to be afraid, I face my future with apprehension and uncertainty. God has a great commission and blessing for me as well. I am unsure of what will happen or what I’ll have to endure. Like Moses, all I can do is fall to my knees in His presence. It is okay to ask to see more of His presence, look what happened with Moses.

Loving Father. Let me see more of your glorious presence. I can’t do this without you. I need you. Calm me, bless me more, and give me more to do for you. Share your strength and keep me from failure. Do what you want with me, I’m yours. In your name I pray, Amen.

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