Why it is good to be bald.

Psalms 40:12 (NLT) For troubles surround me-too many to count! They pile up so high I can’t see my way out. They are more numerous than the hairs on my head. I have lost all my courage.
David used hairs on his head to express how his problems, and in   Ps 69 his enemies, overwhelmed him.In the new testament, Mt 10:30 and Lk 12:7, Jesus ironically  uses hairs on our heads to express both His complete knowledge of us as well as His command over any problems we may encounter. Why fear when God demonstrates His command over all?
At one time, I was consumed with by my receding hairline. Although there is  less hair for God to keep track of now, He still knows and loves me  completely. Perhaps God made me lose hair so that I may spend more time with Him.With millions of dollars spent each year on hair pieces, extensions, removing gray, and transplanting healthy hair follicles to the “sparsely  populated areas”; why don’t we stop and think of God’s amazing grace anymore?  Perhaps limiting our scope of God’s ability to protect and know us, leaves us to be consumed by the fears and doubt generated by our enemy.

Like David, when troubles of life surround me and enemies attack, I too find myself fixated on the quantity of my problems instead of considering the countless ways God has displayed His devotion and love for me. Perhaps  the lesson to be learned here is of the choice I have to either split hairs over the details of life and be afraid, or trust God the one who set the universes in motion.

Loving Father and author of all things. You assure me every day with the sunrise that you are in control. Forgive me for behaving like a child when I hear the thunder of an approaching storm in my life. You know me completely, why should I fear. Lead me to those I need and to those who need you in me.  Change me with your word. Do whatever you want. In your name I pray, Amen.Skit Guys: Fears
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