Reasons and Opportunities

Matthew 27:25 (NLT) And all   the people yelled back, “We will take responsibility for his death…we and our children!”

  •   Pilate, had many reasons and opportunities to save Jesus:
    •   Pilate knew Jesus was innocent. He had an intellectual reason.
    •   It was against Roman law to execute an innocent man. He had a   legal reason.
    •   Pilate’s wife told him not to kill Jesus because of her nightmare. He had a personal reason.
    •   He alone had the authority and deciding verdict. With his   authority came 200 well-armed trained soldiers to defend his decision. He had professional reason.
  • The crowd’s response was prophetic, “we and our children are   responsible for Jesus’s death”.
  •   Jesus freely gave up His life. Mt 26:31 “God will strike the   Shepherd and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.”
  •   Satin had nothing else to lose. Giving Pilate’s wife a nightmare, was a last desperate act to sway Pilate. Satin knows the scriptures too. He didn’t want Jesus to die for our sins.
  •   Nothing happens without God’s permission.
I have never been embarrassed or missed an opportunity to introduce my  children and wife to others. The reason; I love them and am proud of them.  However, have I always showed the same enthusiasm to introduce my Savior Jesus Christ to others? Have I seized every opportunity to stand for Him?Here, Pilate had his logic, Roman Law, his wife, and 200 well-armed trained soldiers to support his claim that Jesus was innocent.  He did not have to claim Jesus was the prophesied Son of God. All Pilate needed to say was Jesus was innocent. The law, not Pilate, would then be responsible for setting Jesus  free. Yet, Pilate failed to seize the opportunity to do the right thing. He instead turned his responsibility over to the crowd. Did he really fear the crowd when he had the law and 200 well-armed trained soldiers at his disposal?

How is this true for today? Do I miss obvious opportunities to defend   and/or introduce Christ to others? I don’t have crowds threatening to riot  against me. Although I don’t have 200 well-armed trained soldiers, I do have the Creator of the Universe who died for me, loves me, and supports my decision to follow Him.

Loving Father. You are my Savior, Creator, and God. Help me to never miss an opportunity to introduce you to others. I love you too. Change me with your word. Do whatever you want with me. In your name I pray,   Amen.
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