Scary Truth

Jude 1:12 (NLT) When these people join you in fellowship meals celebrating the love of the LORD, they are like dangerous reefs that can shipwreck you.
1. The fellowship meal was a sacred time of fellowship to prepare one’s heart for Communion.2. Jude warned us of how “godless  people” will blend in with us to win us to Satan. However; God destroyed those  from the nation of Israel who did not remain faithful, Angles were chained in the prison of darkness when they chose to follow Satan, and Sodom and Gomorrah. In short, God will handle “godless people” for us.3. Michael, one of God’s mightiest  angles, did not accuse Satan of blasphemy. Michael told Satan, “The LORD rebuke you”.
A little boy runs into the kitchen to tell his mother of a scary man in their living room. The mother runs to investigate only to find doors   locked, TV off, and no one in sight. The new Christian parents became curious and started an innocent study on ghosts and Satan. Which brought them more than they expected. There were other incidences. Their son again told them of a “man with long hair, mean red eyes” who called him by name. Things fell for no reason. The parents confessed their fear, turned everything over to God, and ended their study of ghosts and Satan. The visits to their son stopped.Satan is real and wants us to live with him too. Even Michael had sense enough not to provoke Satan.  I enjoyed watching programs about ghosts, searching online, and examining pictures about ghosts. One night I too was visited. I prayed out in terror and a calmness came over me. I sat up and asked, “Do you know who my LORD and Savior is?” Sustained by this renewed assurance, the three shadows beside me left.Jude warns of subtle ways Satan will try to get us to come live with him. Satan may use people who sit next to us in church. Satan is a liar, patent, attractive, and smarter than us. We are not to fear. God conquered him.  We are not to engage him. I remember what Satan told God in Job1:7 and John’s warning in 2 John 1:9, “don’t wander beyond the teaching of Christ”.

Sermon Spice link: Scary Truth(warning, this is scary but true)

Loving Father.  You are my LORD and Savior. What shall I fear? Lead me to people I need and to those who need you in me. Keep me from evil. In your name I pray, Amen.
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