So the World Hates You

1 John 3:13 (NLT) So don’t be surprised, dear brother and sisters, if the world hates you.
1. John starts this chapter reminding God’s children, how much our Father loves them. Second verse, he tells them who they are becoming as His children, His reflections. John was absolute when distinguishing between “God’s children” and “people who belong to this world”.2. John makes a further distinction between committing a sin and continuing to sin. God’s children have victory over sin because of Christ and “God’s life is in them”, referring to the Holy Spirit. Conversely, people who belong to this world continue sinning because they don’t know Christ and belong to the devil. Simple?

3. To further illustrate, John refers to how Cain, “who belongs to the evil one”, killed his brother because his brother had been doing what was right.

So the world hates me; why do I let that trouble me? Why do I permit the opinions of others to influence how I think of myself? I’ve read Gal 1:10 about trying to win the approval of people and in doing so prevents me from being Christ’s servant. Yet when I am attacked and hated, I still let it worry me. Since the devil is like a roaming lion seeking to devour children of God, this was inevitable. Worry is a sin that comes from not trusting God.Perhaps, during the Christmas season it’s easier to spot those who don’t know Christ. They are the ones who want us to forget about our Savior. The devil is clever and skilled in deception. He does his best to replace the reason for the season with things of this world. His hate toward me is cleverly disguised, especially when I celebrate my Savior’s birth.

One of the many great perks of knowing Christ, is that it is easier to spot Him in others. When I met my future Father-n-law for the first time for example. There was something in his eyes and smile which caused   all my anxiety to be quickly replaced with acceptance and love. I want others to see Christ in me the same way and feel the same connection.

Loving Father. You are the reason for every season. You kneeled down in the form of Christ to show me the way. The world hates me because I am your child. You overcame the world. I don’t want to worry anymore. Your opinion of me is all that matters. I love you too. In your name I pray, Amen.
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