Get Clean with SOAP

Hebrews 9:11 (NLT) So Christ has now become the High Priest over all the good things that have come. He has entered that great, perfect sanctuary in heaven, not made by human hands and not part of this created world.
1. Paul knew that the Hebrew Christians, once Jews, understood the roles of the High Priest. Christ is the perfect High Priest for all eternity.

2. Paul was “SOAPing”.  The Scripture (S), can be taken from the Day of Atonement rituals described in Leviticus 16. His “Observations” (O) started in v.13, “under the old system” a blood sacrifice was used to pay for our sin. In v.14, he said, “Just think how much more the blood of Christ will purify our hearts”. In v. 15, he observed how Christ now mediates between God and His people.

3.  Paul’s “Application” (A) came in v. 16 when he referenced the fulfillment of a will.  The will, or new covenant, goes into effect only when the person dies. Christ   died and His blood set us free. Then in compliance with the will, we inherited the Kingdom.

As a child, my teachers told me to, “draw a picture”. My thoughts were, “How and where do I begin?” When I accepted Christ, I was told, “read the bible”. Again, my thoughts were, “How and where do I begin?” After reading the Gospels four times, I was left with, “How do I get more out of this?” SOAP, Scripture-Observations-Application-Prayer, provided me a structure to absorb,  reflect, listen to Him, and walk closer with Christ.  I know it was not the only way, but it sure helped me to grow and stay in His word.

Christ, the best teacher ever, also employed SOAP. He referred to scripture, observations, and   with his parables and life, application. His prayer on the cross tied it all together. Now when I look closer at His word, I see a familiar picture and a loving face.

I want to grow and become who God intended. To pass on His Good News in a way that I and others will understand, apply, and go deeper. I  want more of Him. I am in perpetually realization of how little I really know.  All I know is that I must have Christ at the center of my life.

Loving Father.  Thank you for placing yourself on the cross for me. A debt that could never be repaid, only accepted. Change me with your word, do whatever you want. I am yours. In your name I pray, Amen.
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