“Sometimes you can pray to get out of prison but not into a prayer meeting.”

Acts 12:5 (AMP) So Peter was kept in prison, but fervent prayer for him was persistently made to God by the church.
1. Peter was chained to two soldiers, another 16 soldiers guarded just him,  locked behind several gates with guards, scheduled to be killed the next day, and had to be awakened by an Angel with a bright light and a nudge.2. Peter was in a real crisis, and yet was so at peace  he slept. He did not fear death and knew believers were praying for him.

3. 12:14 The “prayer committee” doubted Peter was at the door and out of prison. Did they pray without expectancy or faith?

4. “Fervent” prayer comes out a profound feeling of desperation. “Persistent” prayer is relentless. Their prayer was focused on Peter specifically.

There was a time when I prayed a prayer like George Bailey in the movie “It’s  a Wonderful Life”. So low that I  thought my family would be better off without me. A time of such sheer emotional exhaustion that all I could do, was to cry out to God. I knew of  others with bigger problems, but that wasn’t enough to detract from mine. My problems took me to the end of myself. As I prayed one morning, a feeling of   peace descended upon me, wrapping me like a warm blanket. An inaudible   assuring presence filled me and said, “I’m not done with you yet”.Where did Peter’s peace come from?  He was not afraid to die. He didn’t have to   understand God’s plan. His eyes were clearly fixed upon God, and knew the   power of prayer. He knew God would either save him or bring him home.

Like those at the prayer meeting, how often have I   prayed without believing God would answer?   I need to pray with focus, fervency, frequency, and expectancy. I need to seek the fellowship of other believers in prayer.

Loving and merciful Father.  Thank you for the times you brought me to the end of myself so that I might know the peace you intended. Forgive me when I try to comprehend your plan, instead of just trusting you. I want to be more like the Peter in prison than the Peter who denied you. LORD, help others to see your peace in me, so that they will want to get to know you. Thank you for hearing me and answering my prayers.  In your name I pray. Amen.
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