“It is the hard that makes it great”

Acts   27:41 (NLT) But the ship hit a shoal and ran aground. The bow of the ship stuck fast, while the stern was repeatedly smashed by the force of the waves and began to break apart.
1. Paul warned them of the pending danger, shipwreck, and loss of cargo. He also said no one would die. Not heeding his warning, at no fault of his own Paul was placed in a storm.2.  Storm caused the 275 people on board to fear for their lives, throw cargo  over board, and regretted leaving Fair Havens. The soldiers to jump into  lifeboats. When they spotted the shore, they set a direct course landing them on the sandbar.

3.  (v.42) Ironically, for fear of potentially losing their lives at sea, the   guards wanted to kill their prisoners to prevent them from escaping.

Paul’s voyage to Rome parallels our lives in many ways. Much like the   Captain, I have found myself in “storms” after rejecting warnings. I have also been placed in storms despite my forewarnings, much like Paul. One storm,  I lost my job, my house, my confidence, and my self-respect. Without fail, I have always received encouragement during these “storms”. God has always spoke to me and later to the storm. It was only when I found myself safe on shore again that I discovered a great testimony given to me.To  quote a line from the movie “The League of Their Own”, “It is the hard that  makes it great”! As a child, my dad worked with me to overcome fear of the baseball. Once, standing behind me with his hand tucked in behind mine, my brother threw baseballs at me. My dad would move my glove to catch the ball. The ball would sting my hand and hit me in the chest. It seemed that every time I resisted my dad’s control, I got hit. There were times, however, I still got hit even though I submitted to my dad’s control.

I  learned it doesn’t always matter how you position your glove, you still get hit. Life’s storms and heartaches will come and go. Why not, it was never about me. God never promised me that life would be easy or even fair. He did  promise me to always be with me in the storms and love me unconditionally.

Loving Father. Thank you for the tough lessons of life that made me who I am.   Thank you for seeing me to safety and never leaving my side. Sometimes you calmed the storms, while other times you calmed the storm in me. I love you too. Do with me what you want, I am yours. Amen.
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