Having to say goodbye

Matthew 19:29 (NLT) And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or fathers or mothers or children or property for my sake, will receive a hundred times as much in return and will have eternal life.
1. This was Jesus’s response to a rich young man’s question in V 16 “…what good things must I do to have eternal life?”2. Jesus asks us to give up everything and follow Him so that we may experience a personal relationship with Him. Give up the “rules” of the old covenant and accept Jesus as the new covenant.

3. Jesus and His mother knew the ultimate price of saying goodbye too. Jesus’ mother was with Him at the end; John 19:26, “Mother behold your son.”

With the moving truck loaded in the driveway, I said goodbye to my mom and  dad. My family was about to move 1200 miles away to Texas to “start over”. We all felt the heartache and sting of taking this next step as a family. We were all overwhelmed with sorrow, but no one more than my mother. My dad’s words were wise and intended to bolster us and keep things in perspective. No I wasn’t dying, but my family and I were leaving everything we knew and loved behind, starting a new life among strangers, and we had to say goodbye.What was Jesus’ last day in   the shop like? I can imagine one day He just turned, and while untying his   carpenter’s apron, said to his mother, “It’s come that time. I have to go now.”  Did she try to talk Jesus out of going? I am sure, if she was like my mother, knowing that it was God’s will did not ease her suffering.

Life is full of “goodbyes” and “good lucks”. How can such a loving God make us endure such agony? I remember my mother had to move to a new town with two boys and “start over”. It was just her and two boys, all by herself. Then many years later, having to say goodbye to her son so that he too may follow the path Christ set for him.

Loving Father. Thank you for my mother. I love her so much. Please bless her   more than she has blessed me. Give me the strength to go where you tell me   and, when needed, to even say goodbye to those I love. I will go were you  tell me, command me LORD. In your name I pray. Amen.
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