Desire for an unexplainable life

Matthew 14:28 (AMP) And Peter answered Him, LORD; if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.
1. Peter was not testing Jesus. It was dark, they couldn’t see his face and thought  He was a “ghost”, they were in trouble far away from land, and they were fighting heavy waves.2. Despite these conditions, Peter was the only disciple with the desire to be part of God’s miracle. There was no blind man or leper to heal, no need for more wine, and no one to rise from  the dead. He just wanted to share an unexplainable moment with his Lord.

3. Peter had more faith than the rest of the disciples. Were the other disciples too frozen with fear or did they just lake the desire?

4. Peter took his focus off of Christ, focused on his troubles, became afraid, and then sank. Peter does it again when he focused on what would happen if he admitted knowing Jesus. Jesus  picked him back up again; as stated in Mark 16:7. Then in John 21:7, Peter jumped out of the boat again in his excitement.

It is hard to jump out a safe boat when you are far from shore, far from home, your future appears dark because you can’t see, and so fear envelops  you.  All it takes is faith they say. However, faith means giving up control. To have faith means I must be humble and acknowledge that I am nothing without Christ.  To have faith, I must place my relationship with God above everything else. It is only then, like Peter, I will be able to share an unexplainable life with my Lord.What is keeping me in the boat? I want to be more like Peter than the others who just sat on their hands. I too have a desire to partner with Christ and be part of His miracles. I want to have a truly unexplainable life that can only come from knowing, trusting, and living for Christ.
Loving and patient Father. I want an unexplainable life with you as my commander. Command me to come to you on the water, the air, the land, or space. I want to be part of your miracle.  Help me to completely trust you without reservation. You are the potter and carpenter, make me into a man you can use. LORD, you know I am weak. Please forgive me for my pride and wanting to be in control. LORD I want turn control over to you. Do with me what you want, I am yours. In your name I pray, Amen.
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