Going Deeper

Luke 5:4(NLT) When He had finished speaking, He said to Simon, “Now go out  where it is deeper and let down your nets, and you will catch many fish.”
1. This was the first time Jesus told them where to cast their nets. (Second Jn 21:6)
2. Jesus told Simon/Peter to take the boat out deeper. Peter was the only one to drop to his knees (Lk 5:8) Peter was the only one to jump out of the boat twice. (Mt 14:29 and Jn 21:7)
3. Lk 5:2, Jesus saw that the fishermen were done casting their nets for the  day. Jesus’ “disciples” had returned to their old lives of fishing for fish. This was the disciples’ second call. (First call Mt 4:16-22, Mk 1:16-20).
4. Jesus told them to trust Him even more this time by getting in over their  heads and going to deeper waters. Only then, will they serve Him more.
Go deeper, trust more in God, and get in over my head? There is no scripture that states, “He will only give you what you can handle.” I learned that He will give me more than I can handle, and has.  How else can I truly rely, trust, and glorify Him more? It’s not about me. By going deeper into His word, my relationship with Him deepens. By dropping to my knees asking Him to “enlarge my territory”, I am asking Him to “command me” to go into deeper and more overwhelming waters. Peter took his boat to deeper overwhelming waters, dropped to his knees, and latter jumped out of the boat; why can’t I do the same?
Loving Father. I too am awestruck by your miracles. Your miracles are not always supernatural; they are when the results clearly came from you. Let me be part of your miracles this year. LORD help me to understand and apply your  word more. Help me to go deeper and trust you more. Command me LORD, and   bless me with what I need to follow your command. Please forgive me when I  think more about myself and become too afraid to get out of the boat or go deeper.  LORD, help me to go deeper this year. Do with me what you want, I am yours.  In your name I pray, Amen.
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